Why choose VPSKeeper

VPSKeeper is aimed at advanced and professional users administering any number of servers.

  • We monitor your uptime so you don't have to.
  • We collect your logs, so you can easily access and filter important events.
  • Stop Spam by easily managing address blacklists.
  • We collect performance data so you can identify potential bottlenecks.

Are you stuck or out of time? Hire one of our professional server administrators and take some of the pressure off

  • Do you need your servers updated?
  • You don't have time for backups or redundant storage?
  • You need help identifying a performance bottleneck.
  • You need someone to regularly administer your online properties?
  • You need your WordPress project optimized or upgraded?
  • You need someone to migrate your PHP 5.x project to PHP 7.x

Contact us and our team of professionals will help you get the results you want, faster.

We can do the initial configuration of your VPS, so you have a stable foundation for your business.

You've outgrown your current server and don't know where to go next?

  • We can consult you on the best server configuration, after inspecting your project and its particular needs.
  • We can migrate your web project with 0 downtime.
  • We can inspect your current server configuration and tell you what to improve.
  • We can do the initial installation of a new VPS, and configure it for maximum performance.
  • We can secure existing web-servers.
  • Install our monitoring dashboard on all your servers, and manage downtime alerts.

Never miss a backup

Add a line of code at the end of your backup scripts and our system will automatically keep track of your backups and notify you if backups is overdue.

Monitor your dashboard from anywhere

With our responsive dashboard and the Android App(Coming soon), you're in control of your web properties anytime and anywhere.

Managing multiple VPS servers with ease

Monitor all your servers, regardless of location from one simple dashboard.

Easy To Configure

We have a one-line installation BASH script for our services.

Automatic GIT deployment

Use our simple system to automate GIT deployments using GIT hooks and get going in few clicks.

Well Documented

We have extensive FAQ and Documentation of all our features in the dashboard.

Instant Server Support

Hire our team of professionals and always have instant support for your server issues.

Since we hired the VPSKeeper administration team we have 0 downtime. We'd recommend VPSKeeper to anyone wanting their service reach top notch performance.

Giorgino HoldenCEO - Kontax

We use the VPSKeeper dashboard to track all our servers and can't be happier. Highly recommended!

Kim OttavianoAdvisor - Trantaex

We started using VPSKeeper for its uptime monitor, but the spam-management service kept us going.

Oscar NikolasDirector - Drillbase Ltd.